Be My Valenslime

WaterBrook/Random House.

Snoodle is an unusual monster. She loves candy hearts, fun parties, fuzzy kittens, fancy hats, sparkly stickers, and…valentines! There’s just one problem: Monsters DON’T DO Valentine’s Day! And when Snoodle tries to throw a Valentine’s Day party for her monster friends, nothing goes right. Every attempt to show them what love looks like turns into monster mayhem! With each disaster, Snoodle tries to be patient and kind, and to not be rude or get easily angered. But if the party isn’t perfect, how can Snoodle convince the other monsters to be her Valenslime?

Debut author Kris Tarantino and New York Times bestselling illustrator Cori Doerrfeld bring to life a wonderful cast in this laugh-out-loud exploration of the true meaning of love.

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Starred Review

“This book’s biggest strength goes beyond its holiday tie-in and fun: There are powerful messages about the nature of love on almost every page. For example, when the monsters go wild during a craft lesson, Snoodle remembers that, love is patient. VERDICT: Highly recommended. An accomplishment, this book manages to be simultaneously important and fun.” —School Library Journal

“[In] Tarantino’s chipper picture book . . . Doerrfeld’s gleefully frenetic depictions of party monsters and a slimy valentine creation get right to the heart of the matter, offering readers memorable images of love in action.” —Publishers Weekly